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Tehkummah is the name of both a First Nation chief, and a township situated in the seat east corner of the ceded portion of Manitoulin Island. Historically the township's main community was the thriving lumbering town of Michael's Bay, before destroyed by fire. The first township council convened there in 1881. Located centrally in the township, the village of Tehkummah developed as a service area for the surrounding agricultural communities.
The Manitou River and Blue Jay Creek, famous for trout and salmon, wind across the township flowing into Michael's Bay.
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources constructed a Fish Culture Station near the hamlet.

A wonderful drive, not to be missed, is the Lakeshore Road. Not only for its natural beauty but also because of the artistic flair of a local artiest, who has transformed simple rocks into natural works of art. Paintings of loons, a lion and an Indian headdress are there to spot.

The "shoe tree" is another surprise on your drive. The tree is exactly what the name implies, 50 pairs of shoes adorn the tree, which is surrounded by beautifully kept grounds and flowerbeds.

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