Do you allow pets? Yes. With a few rules and exceptions. Male cats must be neutered. Dogs must not be aggressive towards people or other dogs. We have 2 dogs of our own, and they play well with others, yours need to as well. Of course we ask that you scoop what they poop, and we may ask you to keep them on a leash if they run around disturbing the other guests. Dogs cannot be left in cottages unattended, so please take them with you when you go sightseeing. A barking dog stuck in a cottage all day isn't much fun for other guests. Manitoulin Island Cottage Rentals

What's included with the rental? We include a rowboat or dockage for your own boat with the cottage rental. We also have a selection of bikes, canoes, paddleboats, a sand volleyball and badminton court, a kids playground, assorted kids toys, a mini-putt, a bonfire pit and assorted books, board games, and an extensive vcr library available free of charge which you can use at any time. And because you're probably thinking to yourself 'vcr'? Is this 1999? Well, yes. Yes it is. Except we also have free wifi internet too. It's even sort-of high speed. It might not reach your cottage, so you might not be able to update your iPad apps at midnight, but then you're coming to get away, remember?

Is the water good for swimming? The water is GREAT for swimming! The lake is gently sloping along our shore, making it extremely safe for small children. For the bigger kids amongst you, a swim to the nearby island and back is pretty refreshing. Walking into the lake from the beach, the bottom is sandy with some stones, turning into a flat limestone bottom at about 50 feet out. The lake is spring-fed, clean and clear - there is no industry or dense population to create pollution up here.

Are the cottages close together?Not really. We have 4 cottages on 5 acres of land, giving you lots of room to stretch your legs. One cottage, the beaver, is about 300 feet from the other cottages, and has it's own private beach. It's a little bit difficult to try to explain, but our remaining 3 cottages are clustered on the north side of the property where the small river that runs through our property feeds into the lake. They're spaced around 50-100 feet apart from each other in a sort of triangular shape - with our two biggest (the fawn and the doe) having large windows and decks overlooking the lake. The third cottage, the palace, has a large deck overlooking the river. All 3 cottages share our large main beach. Because each cottage is oriented its own way, each cottage affords maximum privacy, and you'll never be looking out on your neighbours patio or into their cottage. The best way to answer this is probably with a picture, so here's a panoramic shot taken from the beach.

panoramic with all 3 cottages

from the other side...

panoramic with all 3 cottages

Are the cottages fully equipped? Almost. The cottages come complete with satellite TV, fridge, stove, microwave all cookware and dining-ware and everything else you might need, but we do not provide bed linen (blankets are provided) or towels, so please bring your own.

Is bedding included? Blankets are provided, but you must bring your own bed linen and towels.

Do you only rent from Saturdays to Saturdays? During the summer (summer & peak seasons), yes. During the less busy low season in the spring and fall we can usually accommodate your wishes with shorter stays or different start days.

What time is check-in/check-out? Check-in is anytime from 2pm on Saturdays, and check-out is 9:30am.

How close is the nearest store/restaurant/beer store? You can find most basic amenities (including beer) in Kagawong, 3 miles down the road. A supermarket and larger facilities can be found in either Gore Bay, Mindemoya, or Little Current (15-30 minutes away). The island is a small place, so you will NOT find Walmarts, Starbucks, McDonalds etc., but you will find lots of unique, small shops full of friendly, helpful people. You will find a number of restaurants throughout the island.

How close is the nearest hospital? The nearest hospital is in Mindemoya, which is about a 20 minute drive. There is also a doctor's office in Gore Bay.

Are campfires/bonfires permitted? YES! We have a large central bonfire pit which is a great place to meet some of the other people at Viva Villa. We encourage you to make use of it, toast up those marshmallows and gaze at the incredible view of the stars that the clear night sky affords you. Please note that occasionally, during extremely dry summers when forest fires are prevalent, the Ministry of Natural Resources does ban fires for safety reasons, and during those bans we are, of course, unable to allow bonfires. This does not happen very often, but it is outside of our control.

Is Viva Villa a good place to stargaze? Yes! The night sky is incredibly clear and the sky is literally crammed full of stars on a cloudless night. The northern lights have been seen on occasion here too.

Is Viva Villa/Manitoulin a good place for birdwatching? Yes! There are lots of birds on the property, but if you're a keen birdwatcher, 314 species of birds have been identified on Manitoulin Island, and 155 different species breed on the island. The island attracts many migrating birds as it is the last stopover point before crossing lake huron to the south, or as the first large landmass after the crossing.

Can we bring a personal water craft (sea-doo)? Sorry, but no. Most of our guests come for rest and relaxation, so we do not allow PWC's (sea-doo's), dirt-bikes or quads as the noise is disruptive. If you have your own boat, with a regular outboard or I/O drive, you're most welcome to bring that up, and we'll even give you free docking.

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