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There are six satellite communities which surround the main village of Wikwemikong;.these include Rabbit Island, Murray Hill/Cape Smith, Wikwemikongsing, Kaboni, South Bay and Buzwah.
In Wikwemikong, there are three dialects of the Algonquin language which are spoken, including Ojibway, Odawa and Pottawatomi. A variety of traditional foods are still available in the community today, although the method of preparation has changed.
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2000 - 2005
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Traditional foods still available include scone (a type of bread), corn, wild rice, moose, deer, fish, partridge, maple syrup/candy, berries, etc. Currently, the favourite pastimes of Band members include camping, softball, tennis, fishing/boating, golf, soccer, and hockey.
Traditional social gatherings include traditional and competition pow wows, sweat lodges, raindances, and "King's Day". Also, there are a variety of feasts for various events. Some of the most popular social gatherings include the competition pow wow, fall fair, theatre performances and the Three Fires Music Festival.
Common family names in the community include Peltier, Manitowabi, Trudeau, Wemigwans, Recollet, Assinewai, Fox, Pitawanakwat, Corbiere, and Shawana.
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