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Whitefish Falls

McGregor Bay's islands are pastel pink and green, mottled by colourful lichens that contrast with the brilliant blue water. Three geological zones merge near Whitefish Falls so rock collectors can find interesting geological samples. Numerous, less crowded canoe routes are accessible into spectacular Killarney Provincial Park via the northwest entrance through Charlton Lake. The maze of countless islands and shoals creates a sheltered paradise for kayaks and canoes, and water in the protected coves is warm by June

To enjoy breathless panoramic views pause a while in Willisville, where mountains of quartzite glisten against dark pines and hardwoods that cleverly survive by clinging on to the bare rocks. Hills and islands worn smooth by time, present, pleasing shapes; contrasted by cliffs punctuating the landscape. This is a landscape of stark contrasts which inspired the famous "Group of Seven" painters.



The north entrance to Killarney Park is accessible via the Willisville lakes. Killarney is the place where the North Channel meets Georgian Bay and is considered to be one of Ontario Parks’ crown jewels. Once higher than the Rocky Mountains, La Cloche’s white quartzite cliffs, from a distance, gleam like snowy peaks.