Little Schoolhouse and Museum
South Baymouth

May - October Daily 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Explore our new and expanded museum! Trace the history of Tehkummah Township, one of Ontario's ghost towns, Michael's Bay, and the development of South Baymouth from a commercial fishing station to a tourist destination and ferry port. The museum complex includes one of the Island's pioneer one room schools.

The Island's early inhabitants named this community Sagradawawong, "The Outlet", which like its present English name, identifies the precise location at the very mouth of south Bay.

The history of South Baymouth is of necessity bound up with the history of fishing along the south shore of Manitoulin. The original settlers moved from a finy fishing station at Walker's Point (mid-way to Michael's Bay), building their homes in the late 1870's at the "Mouth".

The community soon became an active commercial fishing station and south shore port. In 1891, these fishing families built their first public building, a union church with the understanding that the frame structure would later serve as a school. On 1 January 1898, school was opened with 11 pupils. The settlers paid the tuition fees privately and at first the teacher boarded around in private homes. The schoolhouse was considerably enlarged in 1909.
For over 60 years, the children received their education in this one-room school, grades one to eight inclusive. In June 1962 the classroom closed, a victim of a new era of Central Schools. During following years the building serves as a library and museum. In the mid 1980's the "Little Schoolhouse" became Manitoulin's first designated Heritage Building.