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When the Manitoulin Island Treaty was signed with the native people in 1862, the lumber companies moved in to cut the stands of pine which covered most of Manitoulin. The first mill was at Michael's Bay and other small mills soon followed.

The first settlers, who came mostly from the Collingwood and Coldwater areas, made their living here farming, fishing and lumbering.

They homesteaded the land as the townships were surveyed. Campbell in 1867, Carnarvon in 1867-70 and Sandfield in 1870.

The pioneers' first homes were built of logs cut "on site" as they cleared the land. The first crops were planted among the stumps, cut with a cradle or scythe and threshed with a flail to give the pioneer food for his wife and family through the first winter.

Open daily in July and August
9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
or by appointment

The Central Manitoulin Historical Society is a group of volunteers who operate the Pioneer Museum in the Municipality of Central Manitoulin.

The objective of the society is to preserve artifacts and history of pioneer life in Central Manitoulin relative to farming, fishing and lumbering.

The time period displayed is from the arrival of the pioneers to the middle of the 20th Century.

Take a look at our displays in the Welcome Centre, then go to the log cabin where volunteers or student guides can take you around and explain interesting bits about the artifacts.

Entrance to the Pioneer Museum is at through the Welcome Centre on Highway 551.