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Toronto at Dreamers Rock- 1999

The De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group features original works by native playwrights, actors and artists. All productions are dedicated to celebrating a living culture, tradition and ceremony.


The Dreaming Beauty
by Daniel David Moses

July 23 to August 19, 2000 Wednesday to Sunday
at 2 pm.

Through the interpretations of her brother, a story is told of a little girl who is in a dream where reality is blended with mystery.

Toronto at Dreamers Rock- 1999

New World Brave
A Multidiscplinary Collective Creation

July 21 through to August 19, 2000- Wednesday to Sunday
at 8 pm

Ten Young Aboriginal Men from across Canada will explore the possibility that it is their role to envision a future for their people.

Manitoulin Incident - 1999
Sky - 1998

Scenes from recent productions, including:

1995 - The Manitoulin Incident

1999 - Toronto at Dreamer's Rock

1998 - Sky